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Selecting an Austin Divorce Attorney


What is important to you when you hire an Austin divorce attorney is a personal matter for each individual going through a divorce.  For some, the individual may feel more comfortable with a female Austin divorce attorney; others may feel more comfortable having a male.   The needs of the client and expertise of the lawyer should determine the client’s best match. Continue reading

What They Don’t Tell You about the Divorce Process


Even if you’ve had people close to you go through a divorce, there are some aspects to the divorce process that may catch you by surprise. Your emotions and obligations will be complex, and so you may find many things that no one warned you about getting divorce. Common aspects of divorce that no one tells you about include:
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What Emotions to Expect while a Divorce is Pending


Even if you’ve been through a rough breakup before, the emotions you’ll go through during a divorce can be taxing. While you can expect other types of relationships to come and go, the end of a divorce will bring new and intense emotions. You’ll have to change your perspective on the relationship and grieve both over the past and the loss of your future. However, knowing what emotions to expect can help prepare you to move on to the next stage of your life. Some of these emotions include:
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