“Ex-Etiquette” During Your Divorce

Although you have made the decision to end your marriage, the divorce process means that you aren’t finished dealing with your spouse. And if you have kids, then you will need to learn to get along with your ex long after the divorce is concluded.


Some tips for “ex-etiquette” before, during, and after your divorce include:

With kids, stick to the agreed-upon dialogue.

Kids must be handled and supported in a divorce very carefully. A good strategy for explaining and talking to your children about the divorce is to agree on an explanation that avoids blame and reassures the child about the future. Straying from this dialogue can not only confuse your child, but this can also cause conflict if your ex hears about these comments.

Before talking to your kids, sit down and draw up a strategy. No matter how frustrated you get with your ex during the divorce process or after as you share custody, keep your promise for the sake of cordiality and your kids. If you feel the dialogue needs to change try to talk to your ex about working or communication or engage the services of a mental heath professional that works with divorcing or divorced parents.

Adopt a business-like attitude.

When you’re feeling so many intense emotions, the best strategy for staying cordial is to adopt a business like tone. Stick to the facts and speak professionally. You can avoid a lot of conflict by keeping emotions out of it as much as possible.    While it can be tempting to vent emotions toward your ex it’s usually better for everyone involved if you try to keep things polite.

If you can’t get along, communicate through lawyers as much as possible.

Sometimes, dealing with your ex during the divorce process can remind you over and over why the relationship ended. The old saying that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!” rings true. When you feel it’s too difficult to talk directly, you may decide to communicate through lawyers instead as much as possible to avoid further conflict

This is yet another reason why it’s important to hire the best Austin divorce attorney to take care of your legal needs. A good Austin Texas divorce lawyer will know how to keep the process smooth and professional. This can be one of the best ways to stay cordial with your ex during a divorce.

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