What Emotions to Expect while a Divorce is Pending


Even if you’ve been through a rough breakup before, the emotions you’ll go through during a divorce can be taxing. While you can expect other types of relationships to come and go, the end of a divorce will bring new and intense emotions. You’ll have to change your perspective on the relationship and grieve both over the past and the loss of your future. However, knowing what emotions to expect can help prepare you to move on to the next stage of your life. Some of these emotions include:


Even if your relationship had been struggling for a while, you can still feel shock over the end of a long-term committed relationship. No one enters a marriage thinking the relationship will end in a breakup. At one point, you had always envisioned this person being in your future. You made plans and promises. Many who end relationships that have been rocky for a while find that they are even surprised that they are in shock, thinking that they’ve seen it coming. But over the course of the marriage, you develop a routine and grow comfortable with the presence of the other person. It’s natural to feel shock that at this major life change.


Anger is one of the most common emotions experienced during a divorce. You may feel resentment or frustration over promises made and the perceived failures of both parties. This anger is a normal part of the recovery process, but you should make sure not to fixate on the anger or hold on to this emotion for so long.


After being in a long-term relationship for so long, looking to the future can be quite scary. You’ll have to get used to living independently again and eventually going back into the dating world after the divorce. To deal with this fear, you should focus on yourself. Explore your individuality by getting to know yourself again.

While all of these emotions can take a toll on you, there are several ways to manage them. It’s a great idea to find someone to talk to, whether it’s a close friend or a licensed counselor. Exercise, sleeping enough, “me time,” hobbies, and other activities can help alleviate the emotional stress in your life.

Another way to manage these emotions is to decrease other stressors in your life until things get back to normal. A top source of stress while a divorce is pending is the legal process. Finding great divorce lawyers in Austin can make sure that you are taken care of on the legal side of the divorce process. An Austin, Texas divorce handled with experience and expertise can help you focus on improving your emotional wellbeing and moving on with your life.

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