Selecting an Austin Divorce Attorney


What is important to you when you hire an Austin divorce attorney is a personal matter for each individual going through a divorce.  For some, the individual may feel more comfortable with a female Austin divorce attorney; others may feel more comfortable having a male.   The needs of the client and expertise of the lawyer should determine the client’s best match.   You should make the following considerations when considering a divorce attorney:

-Comfort level. You want a lawyer who you feel comfortable talking openly with, and who you feel understands you. If you feel more comfortable talking with a female, then the best Austin female divorce attorney may be right for you.  You can determine this with a consultation and determine whether the attorney is a good fit. Divorce is an area of the law that is personal and oftentimes emotional and you need to be able to discuss these details with your lawyer.   Another consideration, if you have children, you may feel more comfortable hiring an attorney that has children and personally knows and is familiar with the complexities of raising and parenting a child.

-Expertise. The best lawyer for you will not only make you feel comfortable, but will have expertise regarding your specific situation. How cases are handled by various judges vary from one area to another, and so you will want someone who is an expert in your location and has handled cases there before. You will also want to consider what matters the lawyer handles— is the attorney a specialist in family law; or is the attorney a general practitioner that handles a variety of matters.  Family law is complex and it is important that you have an attorney that specializes in divorce, child custody, child support, complex property division, pre-marital and post-marital agreements.

-Availability. You should consider the times that a lawyer can meet and the modes of communication a lawyer will use. With many attorney-client communications, meeting in person may be the most effective way to communicate.  You may need to take time off of work or your responsibilities to meet your attorney to prepare for mediation or court hearings.  Your lawyer may be able to accommodate your schedule by meeting you during your lunch from work or when your children are at school. Oftentimes communication may occur by talking on the phone, sending emails, or other ways to handle matters during times that work for you.

-Plan of action.   You need an attorney that will listen to your particular facts and circumstances and advise you based on your unique situation.  There are many different ways to handle a divorce; your attorney should assist you in prioritizing what is most important to you and to determine your goals.   You need an attorney that will assist you in obtaining the information that you need to make informed decisions. The right lawyer for you will listen to your wants and needs, give you advice about the best way to handle matters, and work with you to take the actions you feel are best for your situation.

There are many issues to consider when hiring an Austin divorce lawyer and to determine who is the best attorney for you overall, and that you feel that you can trust with your family and your future.

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