How to Inform People about your Divorce

If going through a divorce wasn’t hard enough, informing people about your divorce can be challenging as well. It can be awkward to talk about the end of your relationship as well as answer the questions that may follow. Keep reading for a basic guide on breaking the news to different types of people in your lives.



With family, it’s likely that they won’t be too surprised that you’re getting a divorce. Depending on the relationship, there are several options for breaking the news to friends and family.   Many individuals are most comfortable with telling family members individually and privately due to different locations of various family members and the level of detail that they know about your personal life.  You can consider telling your family together in person; however, this may feel stressful if you are uncertain about how they will react.

It can be a good idea to rehearse what you’re going to say first and get straight to the point. Reactions are often unpredictable, but telling those you are closest to emotionally can help give the support you need during this time period.


The way you handle announcing the divorce to friends will vary depending on the type of friends. If a friend is very close to just one of you, that spouse has a bit more leeway when it comes to sharing the more intimate details as you lean on them for support. But with mutual friends, you may want to agree on an explanation that will prevent conflict and awkwardness as much as possible within the friend group. It can be tempting to demand that your friends take sides, but it’s unfair to put them in the middle.


Depending on your work situation, co-workers may not even need to know about your divorce. If you engage in small talk often, tactfully and briefly clarifying the issue can avoid future awkwardness. There may be questions if you take down pictures from your desk or stop bringing your spouse to work functions.

Another issue to consider is telling your Human Resources department, who can be very understanding to your situation if you start to feel overwhelmed at work.


Typically, the first people you should tell about the divorce are your kids, but this can be the most difficult conversation of them all. Odds are, the kids know that something’s up already. While you don’t want to tell them every detail of the divorce, depending on their age, you will want to explain the divorce in a blame-free way that gives them comfort and reassurance for the future. Agreeing on and sticking to a dialogue for the children can help keep the process more stress-free for everyone involved.

However, before announcing your divorce to anyone, you should consider consulting with a Travis, Hays, or Williamson County divorce attorney if you are from Central Texas. Every situation is unique, and so your lawyer can advise you on how to handle your divorce specifically so that you know all your legal needs are taken care of as the process progresses.

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